Leaked Video Exposes Fauci As a Complete Fraud

Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, the media has hyped up every last “case” that has been tested. Even as life tries to return to normal, the MSM goes overboard when “spikes” appeared to happen in the summer and fall. It seems like the media wants to spread more fear and hysteria, despite a drop in deaths and hospitalizations.

Some states are still in partial lockdown, thanks to the media’s endless coverage of the virus. No other pandemic has gotten this much attention—despite the overall high recovery rate and lack of danger. But positive tests have become the reason to close schools, end church services, and prevent people from living their lives.

A few people have been brave enough to question the narrative. They are often attacked and censored. But what about the so-called “expert” who the media has propped up since day one? What if he said something that might shattered their fearmongering? Well, he did. Way back in July. But we’re only hearing about it now.

In newly resurfaced video from July, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared to acknowledge that large numbers of positive COVID-19 cases may arise from oversensitive tests that pick up mere fragments of the virus rather than active, viable infections.

If true, many patients may have been receiving false-positive test results — causing much needless anxiety and disruption to everyday life — while the numbers of COVID-19 cases reported by public health authorities and major COVID tracking websites could be vastly overstated. [Source: Just the News]

This information has been around for a while, but the media and health authorities have ignored it. Now, we are learning that Fauci himself knew that tests might be too sensitive back in July, but we’re only learning this in November.

Funny how that worked, huh? Suddenly now we’re hearing about how the virus isn’t as dangerous as we thought and that even testing has been wrong. I wonder what’s changed since July and now. You already know the answer to that.

Had this video been widely circulated back in the summer, the left’s narrative of the virus would have been destroyed. States would have been pressured to lift COVID restrictions, since many Americans would be claiming the spikes in cases were most likely inaccurate. Those tickers we saw on news sites would have been overstated by a large degree.

It would have forced the country to return to normal much faster. Instead, this video was buried and many had to suffered unnecessarily, thanks to the media blackout.

Imagine being so crooked, so utterly corrupt, so driven by politics that you’d suppress good news so that more people would suffer.

But that’s exactly what the media did. Even Fauci said this once, but didn’t bother to repeat it.

I don’t know about you… but I don’t expect the media to be that evil. But once again, we learn that they are.

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