Trump Won’t Back Down: Launches New Suit In ‘Biden’ State

The media would be very happy if President Trump and his supporters just packed it in and gave up. Nothing about the election has been certified yet. Even a few states are still counting or recounting their votes. There is plenty of reason to think that fraud or problems occurred, requiring investigations. Yet still, those that run the corporate media want you to just put your head in the sand.

Not on your life.

Even writer and cartoonist Scott Adams has stood up to the media, revealing their plan:

You are being brainwashed to accept the results of the election as fair. You will be told that only bad people are skeptical in this situation, and that you will be held to account for doubting. [Source: Twitter]

The truth is, the election is far from over. President Trump has lawsuits in various states and we know the DOJ is going after reports of election interference and fraud. Not backing down, the Trump campaign has launched yet-another lawsuit, in a state known for questionable actions.

President Trump’s campaign is set to file a lawsuit in federal court alleging voter fraud and errors that may have swayed the outcome of the presidential election in the state…

The lawsuit asserts that Michigan ran an unconstitutional election and seeks to block the Michigan secretary of state from certifying election results. The campaign also wants to audit the ballot count in Wayne County, Michigan, which includes Detroit. The Trump campaign has filed a couple lawsuits in the state already. [Source: Daily Wire]

The Trump campaign has set his sights on Michigan, which he won in 2016 but “flipped” by a slim margin this election. The lawsuit alleges that the state ran an “unconstitutional election” as they try to block the secretary of state from certifying the results.

We know that numerous swing states with Democrat election officials have tried to undermine Constitutional rules about the election, by ignoring state laws and creating their own guidelines. Those guidelines (in places like Michigan and Pennsylvania) opened the door to possible fraud and interference.

There is ample reason to believe some within the Democratic Party committed fraud. In all the swing states Biden appears to have won, he got almost less than one percent more than Trump. That’s more than enough to require a recount, but also enough to suggest some form of ballot harvesting occurred.

On Election Night, Trump was leading in many key states, only for those states to stop or delaying counting. The next day and days to follow, they suddenly had enough votes for Biden to flip the results. That’s far too convenient to believe it was normal. We know that ballot harvesting is used by Democrats to gather enough votes after election day to flip a race. It’s hard to deny we saw that happening last week in numerous states.

Let the media say what they want—this election will not end without the truth coming to light. Democrats should have no fear of lawsuits or investigations… so long as no fraud occurred. Why else would they be so upset that Trump is pursuing these actions? If Biden was elected—despite his promises to wreck our economy—Democrats should be happy for lawsuits to verify that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The fact that they are so oppose Trump’s moves suggests otherwise.

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