Media Desperately Censors Trump After He Drops Election Bombshell

What is playing out over the 2020 Election results is as serious as it comes. Either the President of the United States is lying about massive, nationwide voter fraud or the media is ignoring the biggest scandal of our time. President Trump continues to provide information about how many states (run by Democrats) allowed significant acts of fraud to violate and undermine the integrity of our election. The mainstream media (including Fox News) ignores him or pretends like he’s gone crazy. But the truth is much more disturbing.

Let’s go over one thing: how often has Trump been proven wrong about anything he talks about? In the last four years, he’s said many things the media immediately wrote off as wrong, false, or outright lies. Yet time and again, Trump has been proven right.

Experts claimed Trump’s presidency would destroy the economy. They were wrong. Experts predicted Trump would start many new wars. They were wrong. Experts said he’d never secure the border, build the wall, make deals with China, Mexico, or the Arab world. Wrong, wrong, and dead wrong.

So why are we supposed to believe these same people when they claim Trump is wrong about the election? Are we to believe the President of the United States is just ranting like a hobo on a street corner? Or is the media—a corrupt institution that has been lying about Trump since 2015—pushing a narrative they know is wrong?

Perhaps the President of the United States has more information than the fake news? Perhaps they are ignoring what’s really going on, in an effort to make you believe Trump is just an outraged tyrant who doesn’t want to give up power (unlike all those noble Democrats who don’t want an ounce of power)?

Just take this tweet from yesterday, has it been covered by the news?

This is a pretty big update about the election. The President’s legal team will be filing “big cases” this week over “horrible abuses” to our most sacred institution, our democracy. These lawsuits will probably end up before the Supreme Court and their rulings will impact the outcome of the presidential race. But the media has ignored all of this.

A massive rally of Trump supporters gathered in Washington over the weekend to both support the president and demand action over voter fraud. President Trump posted this amazing picture:

The media ignored it. Over Sunday night, Trump posted a thread discussing Dominion Voting System and how it might be a major factor in the fraud claims from this election, among other crucial issues happening right now.

Not only is the media ignoring Trump’s claims, but Twitter (which I remind you is a social media site from by granola-crunching hippies, not election experts) felt the need to flag these tweets, suggesting they are false.

Where in the world did the media think they know better than the President of the United States? Not once in his four years in the White House has Trump been wrong about crucial issues facing this country. The media, on the other hand, has not only been proven wrong countless times, but has been exposed as dirty, filthy liars.

So now would be a good time to start questioning what you’re hearing from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and any other outlet you watch. What they are reporting about the election is far removed from the truth. We don’t yet know who will be in the White House on January 20, but you better believe the battle is far from over.

And I have a feeling the Democrats are going to be feeling the pain very soon.

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