Swing State Had Thousands Of Ballots Rejected Over ‘Discrepancies’

Boy, did the media call the election too fast! Every day we are discovering new revelations that prove the presidency is long from being decided. Nearly every swing state that delayed counting ballots on Election Day is now admitting to massive problems. You’d have to be an idiot not to suspect widespread fraud.

Among the many states to delay their ballot-counting process or introduce other kinds of problems, Nevada was one of the worse. Although a relatively small state (compared to places like Texas), they weren’t able to quickly and safely count and verify their votes on Election Night.

In fact, the process has continued to drag out even to this week. I would not be surprised if recounts or more will happen—not to mention legal challenges.

Now, things are getting even weirder as one county had to reject as many as 1/6 of their ballots for one race because of what they “discrepancies.” M-hm. I if this also affected the presidential election?

A Nevada county voted Monday to certify Election Day results except for the Clark County Commission District C race over “discrepancies” that can’t be explained…

“After listening to public comment, one of which included the letter received by the Stavros Anthony Campaign which requested that election results not be certified Monday on the grounds that there were discrepancies that would prevent from certifying the Clark County Commissioner District C race,” reported 8 News Now Las Vegas on Monday. “As it stands the results show democrat Ross Miller winning republican Stavros Anthony by 10 votes.”

A special election to be held in December is currently up for consideration since a recount would not satisfy the apparent discrepancies at hand…

“Some of the discrepancies found in the early voting and election day results according to Gloria included: ‘Inadvertent canceled votes,’ ‘Voter check-ins,’ ‘Reactivated voter cards,’ ‘Duplicate activations,’ and ‘Check-in errors.'” [Source: Daily Wire]

Discrepancies that “can’t be explained”? That’s more than disturbing. Think about this: I’ve been voting for about twenty years. In all the elections I cast a ballot, I never “messed up” my vote because of things like inadvertently canceling my vote, not checking in properly, or “duplicate” activations. Most of the time, voting is a relatively seamless process (and I’ve voted in 4 different states over the years).

I’m sure you have similar experiences. So, can someone please explain to me how an entire county in Nevada could have so many problems with this year’s election? Are they really that bad at their job—or was all this signs of fraud?

Were all these problems created because voters or poll workers were trying to cheat? Or did these “discrepancies” only appear in order to discount Republican votes? And if this happened for one race, it most certainly happened for others, such as presidential race.

How are we to trust the results of any of these races—if such discrepancies occur? It has to be an all or none situation. So, if there is this much controversy, there need to be an audit of all the votes cast in Nevada.

Anything less would be admitting fraud happens, but it’s not worth investigating.

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