Cuomo Chooses To Save Drug Addicts Instead Of The Elderly

Image Source: Getty Images

These days, the pathetic governor of New York is trying to polish his horrible response to the COVID pandemic. Early on, he had no clue what to do. He was clearly panicking, making wild claims about what would happen if his state didn’t get “40,000” ventilators. The only reason New York isn’t now a smoking crater, is thanks to the support Trump surged their way.

But soon after the dust settled, Cuomo turned on Trump and pretended like he had everything under control. He even tried to erase records of an order he signed forcing nursing homes to take in infected patients, even though we knew from the start the elderly were at highest risk.

It’s pretty shocking to think that Cuomo would deliberately try to harm elderly residents, which would only add further difficulties for the state. Apparently, he’s not done hurting the elderly, as the vaccine is rolled out.

While much of New York’s elderly population, including many in high-risk nursing homes, are still waiting to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has bumped up priority for drug addicts in rehab facilities, who will start to get their vaccinations this week…

“During a virtual news conference in Albany, Cuomo said the state was expecting to receive a combined 259,000 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines,” the report said. “In addition to urgent care center employees and ‘individuals who are administering the COVID-19 vaccines, for obvious reasons,’ Cuomo said that shots would be given to residents of ‘OASAS’ — the state Office of Addiction Services and Supports.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Cuomo said that addicts in rehab facilities face risk of infection because they are “congregate facilities,” meaning they are close quarters and can obviously spread the disease. But he also said nursing homes are the “most problematic.”

So… why are the elderly not getting the vaccine first? Why is Cuomo prioritizing drug addicts, many of whom are younger and don’t face as much of a risk, over older Americans?

New Yorkers have expressed outrage over this bizarre move. Many of their older relatives are waiting for the vaccine, worried about contracting COVID. But while they wait (and face more risk of infection), people who screwed up their lives through drug abuse jump to the front of the line.

Does that sound right to you? Now, we don’t want anyone denied a chance at getting inoculated, but come out. Cuomo appears to be going out of his way to hurt the elderly. First, he made sure many of them got infected when they didn’t need to be. Second, he is denying them vaccines while giving them to drug addicts.

You really have to work hard to be this stupid. But it’s par for the course for New York Democrats. Throughout this year, they have made one terrible blunder after another. If it wasn’t over the China virus, it was how they addressed riots and violence. State leaders like Cuomo continue to make NYS just a horrible place to live.

No wonder hundreds of thousands continue to flee.