Pence Joins The Fight – And It’s Exactly What Trump Needs To Win

Getty Images by: Joe Raedle

Much has happened over the electoral battle ever since November 3. Democrats and the media have continued to push the narrative that Joe Biden (who held no rallies and hid in his basement) won a massive victory over Donald Trump. They have ignored the growing mountain of evidence that significant “irregularities” and shady rules by many state election officials led to voter fraud.

Even in recent days, evidence and reports have come out to prove that the vote totals in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania were corrupted by fraud. As we approach January 6, a growing number of congressional Republicans have voiced their support in challenging the electoral votes of several states. Now, at least 11 senators have joined them to demand a 10-day emergency audit of the results.

As Democrats foam at the mouth over this development, Vice President Pence is pushing on the throttle.

Vice President Mike Pence signaled his support for a group of Senate Republicans pledging to challenge the official Electoral College result late Saturday, issuing a statement through his chief of staff, Marc Short, noting that he “welcomes” the effort and that he “shares the concerns of millions of Americans about voter fraud and irregularities in the last election.”

As The Daily Wire reported on Saturday, 11 Republican Senators, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced that they would “reject the electors from disputed states as not ‘regularly given’ and ‘lawfully certified’” pending the results of a 10-day “emergency audit” of results could be conducted…the group of Republican Senators wrote that they are following the example of the Congress that handled the election of 1877, which was wrought with “serious allegations of fraud and illegal conduct.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Since the election, evidence has emerged that only confirms what Trump has been saying all along. In some states, more votes were cast than people eligible to vote. We have video footage of ballot counters producing suitcases full of ballots. There are signed affidavits of eyewitnesses to fraud and misconduct. And we all know the Dominion voting software was designed to produce glitches, giving workers a chance to “fix” ballots.

The last thing Democrats want is a legitimate audit of these questionable states by the Senate. Any attempts at transparency would expose even more evidence of fraud and misconduct. Even if they can’t prove beyond a shadow of doubt that, let’s say, Biden or other Democrats deliberately committed fraud, even problems would be uncovered to give the Senate cause to reject certain states’ electors.

Now, Mike Pence is welcoming Cruz’s audit, saying he shares the same concerns that millions of Americans have over the election results.

As we’ve been saying for weeks, this isn’t just about the 2020 election. This is about making sure blatant, obvious attempts at fraud aren’t allowed. If we don’t challenge and confront egregious fraud in this election, then the same kinds of things will happen again and again from now on.