Trump Trolls Hillary At Massive GA Rally

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

President Trump had a rally in Georgia last night, riling up the crowd to go out to vote for Sen. Perdue and Sen. Loeffler today in the run-off election.

A huge crowd was out.

Trump was looking and feeling good, even dancing to ‘YMCA” and not appearing like he thought he would be leaving his office anytime soon.

He said he would continue to fight and was not conceding. The crowd yelled, “Fight for Trump.” Trump slightly altered that, saying the fight was for the nation, not just him. Kelly Loeffler told the crowd she would be objecting to the election certification on Jan. 6, along with 12 other senators and 100+ members of the House. 

Trump went for the Democrats in the race. Including Jon Ossoff, who has been targeted for his ties to China and Raphael Warnock, who has made radical and anti-white remarks in his past. Along with accusations of domestic violence as well as being arrested for blocking an alleged child abuse investigation at a camp he led.

Trump warned that if they got in, they would bring in radical leftists “with total power over every part of your lives.” He said the runoff election was huge and not just for the Senate majority, but for his own reelection fight as well.

Trump even took a shot at Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has never really gotten over her loss to him, despite all her desperate moves, even paying for Russian disinfo to keep Trump out of the White House, he won anyway. And she has continued attacking him ever since his win. Even going so far as encouraging Joe Biden to never concede the election if President Trump won. 

“Joe Biden should never concede regardless of circumstances, because this will drag out, and we will win if we don’t give them an inch” Clinton said during an interview.

But after all these four years, Trump has hit back with his best Clinton troll ever. He had everyone in laughter when he made this point about Clinton’s election defeat.

“The saddest person in the country right now is Hillary Clinton. Because she’s wondering ‘Why the hell didn’t the Democrats do this for me?’” Trump said.

Well, as we know, they believed they had it won because of all their lies and scams to undermine Trump. They thought they didn’t have to do more. But Trump won anyway, showing America’s resilience. They should remember that going forward.