In Aftermath Of DC Chaos, Liberals Call For Death Of MAGA Americans

Source: The Independent

That riot in D.C. was pretty crazy, right? I mean, normally peaceful Trump supporters suddenly storm the Capitol and wreak terrible violence against our country? Haven’t we seen that before? Oh right, for every day during the Summer in blue cities.

While we can pick apart the events of January 6 for a long time, one thing is clear: those who committed the violence are not Trump supporters. The millions of Americans who rallied around the president over the last four years are peace-love patriots who prize life and freedom. Whoever those rioters are, be they misguided conservatives or left-wing plants, they clearly do not represent the values of Republican voters.

Meanwhile, as police and the National Guard restored order, liberals on Twitter—even those with verified blue checkmarks—showed their true colors. Instead of calling for order and civility, they just wanted their enemies shot dead.

Twitter erupted in calls for retribution on Wednesday, as accounts bearing the social network’s stamp of approval — the blue “verified” checkmark — called for Trump supporters to be shot…

“Please just fucking shoot them all. Please,” said Rod Blackhurst, a director who has worked on a number of titles for Netflix.

“Hopefully they shoot them,” said Andrew Therriault, the former director of data science for the Democratic National Committee, who also worked as data science manager for Facebook…

Erick Erickson, a conservative blogger and radio host who called Donald Trump a “racist” and “fascist” in 2016, also said that those involved in the discord at the capitol should be shot.

“Shoot the protesters. Waive the rules. Impeach. Waive the rules, convict. Waive the rules, deny the ability to run for election again,” said Erickson. He later deleted the tweet. [Source: Breitbart]

We literally had to live through months of violence and chaos thanks to BLM and Antifa. They stormed cities, attacked courthouses, burned down businesses and homes. Yet nobody on the right called for them to be shot dead. Not once did conservatives online demand that rioters be harmed or killed, just arrested and prosecuted for their crimes.

Yet a group of supposed Trump supporters attack D.C. (something that leftists did frequently a few months ago, mind you) and these verified users on Twitter all to a man demand they be shot.

Keep in mind, this is the same day Twitter suspended President Trump’s account for posting a video calling for peace and for protesters to go home (when did we see Democrats saying that?). Twitter, however, has refused to suspend any of these liberals for calling for death and violence against their political enemies.

Also remember, these people have been convinced for months that Joe Biden won the election, right? They were so certain they had D.C. wrapped up in a bad. So, why all the anger and calls for violence? These Trump supporters (if that is what they were) are just having a temper tantrum. Just let the cops do their job and in a matter of days, Biden will be president, correct? Then explain to be why these liberals are so adamant about calling for violence?

We never see that coming from the right, yet time and again leftists get away with it. If conflict between parties continues on this path, it won’t be conservatives’ fault. It will be liberals’.