Lawmakers Fight For Their Lives On Capitol Hill

Source: The Hill

The violence on Capitol Hill during the week nearly made its way into the House floor, when lawmakers discussing the incident nearly came to blows.

Colin Allred, a Texas Democrat and Reps. Andy Harris, a Maryland Republican, were kept apart by a congressional staffer to stop the two from fighting one another. It is not clear what happened to trigger the altercation.

The incident reportedly happened when Rep. Conor Lamb, a Pennsylvanian Democrat, delivered his remarks condemning the violence.

“All people should know, and all they need to understand tonight, Madame Speaker —” Lamb was able to get out before the off-video fight stopped his remarks.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi then tried to call the House to order. Yelling “There’ll be order in the House!” and hitting her gavel, before finally ordering the two congressmen to leave the chamber.

The dispute comes after violence erupted in the nation’s capital this week. Those against the Electoral vote certification of Biden came to Capitol Hill to protest, but events took a turn for the worst and resulted in four deaths. The event has triggered condemnation from the left and right, including resignations of five White House officials.