Trump Officially Concedes The Election

Image Source: Bigleaguepolitics

President Trump promised an orderly change of power in a note released early Thursday morning, appearing to admit that Joe Biden would be the President within weeks from now.

Although I completely disagree with these results, and the truth is with me and my supporters, regardless there will be a lawful change of power. We have worked so hard because we made a promise to guarantee only authentic votes are used in the election certification process. This might be the end of the greatest first term in Washington’s history, but it is just the beginning of our struggle to Make America Great Again!

Trump’s announcement came just moments after the Senate certified the electoral college results. VP Mike Pence also recognized Biden as the winner.

Meanwhile, Twitter has censored the President’s account after protests outside the Capitol turned ugly when a mob entered Congress. This led to longtime Trump loyalist Dan Scavino putting out the President’s statement just before 4AM.

The acknowledgment of a change in power now puts and end to President Donald Trump’s first term, but Trump has alluded to the potential of going for a second term. Joe Biden will now be inaugurated as President.