Big Tech Blocks Trump From The Internet

Source: Business Insider

President Donald Trump is getting banned from Instagram and Facebook permanently, Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg said on Thursday.

Zuckerberg’s decision comes after a protest to stop Congress’s election certification turned ugly at the Capitol.

“We feel the risks of letting Trump continue to use Facebook during this time are simply too large,” Zuckerberg explained in his statement. “So we are expanding the block on the President’s accounts permanently and especially for the next two weeks until a peaceful power change is made.”

The tech company started a 24-hour block of the President’s accounts this past Wednesday, saying Trump engaged in policy violations.

YouTube, as well as Facebook removed Trump’s video calling on his followers to be peaceful and go home. In this video, he doubled down on the truth that the November election was plagued by undeniable voter fraud, giving Biden the victory.

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s VP of integrity, has said there was an “emergency situation” declared which led to the removal of Trump’s statement because leaders determined “it increases the chances of more violence.”

Twitter, the president’s favorite way to share his opinions, also said they had locked Trump’s account until he removes three tweets that violated their policies. If he refused to delete these tweets, Twitter would suspend the @realDonaldTrump account permanently.

Protesters went to the Capitol this past Wednesday after the President asked his supporters to push lawmakers to block the certification of Biden’s alleged win. These peaceful protests turned bad when a tiny minority stormed inside the Capitol building. As a result, four people died, and many dozen were jailed.

The FBI is investigating the people involved with the small amount of violence that happened. Meanwhile, Congress certified the election results Thursday morning, and President Trump promised a peaceful power transition in two weeks.