Confirmed: Terrorist Group Behind Capitol Protests

Image Source: AP

Evidence has come out that far-left rioters may have infiltrated the protests in D.C. this week.

As the world’s attention is turned to Washington, multiple GOP lawmakers are requesting people wait for more evidence before jumping to conclusions.

Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama is alleging that a ‘fascist Antifa’ is responsible for the violence. The Republican used Twitter on Thursday to warn Americans to avoid being like “fake news journalists.” He then gave his evidence.

In a few additional tweets, Brooks mentioned a colleague had warned him earlier on Monday about the growing Antifa threat. This source even told him to sleep in his office. The source went on to say that he was told by Capitol Police that Antifa was planning to infiltrate the upcoming Trump rally.

Brooks added that, “time will reveal the truth.” And said that all those behind the violence will be fully prosecuted.

Many MAGA supporters who organized shared footage of these events as they happened. They shouted, “no Antifa!” at the people trying to break windows. Others actually tried to stop the violent members.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) says Antifa may be behind the events on Capitol Hill. While debating the election certification on Wednesday, he shined a light on the President’s direct calls for supporters to join peaceful protests in D.C.

Gaetz continued by bringing up reports of a facial recognition company using their software to identify two Antifa members disguised as Trump Supporters within the crowd.

“I’m not sure if what I’m hearing is true, but The Washington Times has revealed good evidence from a facial recognition company proving that some of the protesters who broke into the Capitol were not supporters of the President,” he said. “They were pretending to be Trump supporters and, in fact, were Antifa members.”

Gaetz then said the Democrats are partly to blame for the event due to the way they have handled events. The Republican finally added, “it’s time we build America up, not rip her down and demolish her.”