Look Who Was Found Inside The Capitol Protest

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

A top member of ‘Insurrection USA,’ which is allegedly linked to BLM was seen among the people who entered the Capitol this week.

The Utah man, named John Sullivan, said he was inside the Capitol but claimed he was only there to “report” on events at the protest.

“Those people got angry and they broke through the officers quick,” Sullivan stated of the events at the Capitol. “You could actually go anywhere, you could enter any room and look out the window, so it was very surreal.”

But reports have found that Sullivan has made threats against President Trump and his supporters in the past, which of course means the clashes at the Capitol were possibly an Antifa provocation.

And even more reports say Sullivan was jailed during BLM riots in Utah last year. His charges included criminal mischief, felony rioting, and even making violent threats. Sullivan even called for attacks against government institutions, which triggers us to wonder why he was at the Capitol Hill protest in the first place.