Media Condemns Violent Rioting After a Year Of Supporting It

Source: Just the News

Going into this week, the majority of the Republican Party towed the line that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen through fraud. We saw for weeks undeniable evidence from various states. And Republicans in Congress were prepared to challenge the certification, in order to preserve our democracy.

But suddenly, as if a switch was flipped, many Republicans turned on the president refusing even to challenge the vote—despite the evidence of fraud not changing. Soon, many Republicans, mostly D.C. establishment types, were even attacking the man they once admired and followed.

What changed so rapidly? Republicans were cowed back into a position of subservience to the left, all thanks to one riot at the Capitol.

Now, nobody is condoning the actions of rioters. But it’s hard to believe this event was not orchestrated, at least in part, to subvert the GOP’s attempt at calling out election fraud. It seems that somebody knew how quickly Republicans would fold, if some dramatic theater played out right outside their doors.

But the real people to blame for all this is obvious, the media.

The violent, deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday has prompted numerous media players to apparently flip the script on violent protests, brushing aside standards that they established last summer when much of the country was gripped by Black Lives Matter-led violence and rioting in major American cities…

The violent intrusion into the Capitol was met with near-universal condemnation worldwide, including by virtually every media outlet, broadcaster and commentator.

Yet the language on display from much of the media yesterday was a sharp departure from rhetoric deployed by journalists last summer at the height of the Black Lives Matter-led riots and violence that gripped the country intermittently for several months. [Source: Just the News]

Why were Trump supporters (if that is what they really were) justified in rioting outside (and within) the Capitol Building? It’s because they were told—for nearly a year—that it’s okay to riot if you believe you were wronged. Since last Summer, the media has praised Black Lives Matter and Antifa as they stormed government buildings, burned down businesses and homes, and attacked bystanders. Rarely did we ever seen the left condemn such obvious acts of violence and crime.

Yet this week, the liberal media suddenly remembered how wrong it was to do such things. They condemned those that spread violence across D.C.—and their words pressured fair-weather Republicans to abandon Trump’s challenge to the election and even turn on the man himself.

If you think all of this was just one big coincidence, think again. Trump had every right to challenge and expose possible fraud. But the narrative being pushed right now, even by his former allies, is that his “rhetoric” caused a riot. Nobody said that about Democrats who sparked months of riots in the Summer. And isn’t convenient how one riot suddenly made legitimate evidence of massive, unprecedented fraud—that scarred our democracy forever—suddenly unimportant?

Hopefully we’ve seen the end of politically-inspired (and advantageous) riots. But something tells me we haven’t. As long as Democrats prioritize their power over the law, this kind of thing will continue on both sides.