Iran Blasts America With A New Missile Threat

Sepahnews via AP

Iran increased its threats to the peace and stability of the region with a new missile base this Friday. When Iranian Guards announced a new underground missile location, claiming there are more just like it all over the Gulf Coast area.

Officials said Iran’s missiles can reach “thousands of miles,” and can break through the missile defenses of other nations.

Iran also restated its anger with President Trump’s peace plan for the region.

“This facility has many strategic missiles of our Navy. And behind us, there is a segment of missiles and their associated launchers,” Major Gen. Hossein Salami, a top commander in the Iranian military said. “Our ability to defend our territory, our independence and the accomplishments of Iran is getting stronger.”

Iranian leaders also said they are able to target the IT systems and detection systems of America and other allied nations from this new missile facility.