Patriots Swarm Twitter HQ

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty, Bill Pugliano/Getty

San Francisco authorities are preparing for a potential pro-Trump protest at Twitter’s headquarters today after the recent permanent deletion of President Trump’s account.

The San Francisco Chronicle has said that police are preparing for a possible protest at Twitter headquarters after the suspension of Trump’s Twitter account last week. A spokesman for the SFPD said that the department knows of a potential demonstration on the 1300 block of Market Street.

Police have contacted Twitter and plan to have enough resources for the demonstrations while also responding to any calls they may receive from elsewhere. A Twitter official said the company’s main focus is worker safety, “While we respect people’s right to express their opinions, we’ve been public about the reasons behind our choice last week.”

The SFPD declined to answer whether these protestors would be coming from states other than California or how many they expected, saying that policy won’t allow them to discuss their planning or strategy.

But many members of the independent Trump forum have said supporters should organize outside Twitter’s HQ on Monday morning to push back against the company’s blocking of Trump. A Saturday post had one user recommending people wear body cameras, bring megaphones and carry zip ties to “citizen arrest” any violent agitators.