Democrats Push Mask Fines – But Can’t Follow Their Own Rules

Source: ABC Chicago

We’ve seen for months how Democrats passed strict, painful rules during the pandemic. But more often than not, they did not bother to follow those rules themselves. Nancy Pelosi infamously visited a closed salon during lockdown to get her hair down. Video reveals she was not wearing a mask.

Numerous other lawmakers, mostly Democrats, who ranted against Trump and others for rejecting strict COVID rules, have been seen ignoring those same rules. Some of them have even been spotted in airports, not wearing a mask in the most contagious of areas.

But after three Democrats claim to have contracted the virus, they are now demanding an obnoxious new rule for the House.

House Democrats have proposed a new rule, demanding that members of Congress wear a mask while on the House floor or pay a $500 fine.

The rule comes following complaints from three Democrats — Reps. Bonnie Coleman, (D-NJ), Brad Schneider, (D-IL), and Pramila Jayapal, (D-WA) — who claim they contracted COVID-19 while sheltering in place with Republican lawmakers during the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol. All three say they were forced to share space with members of the GOP who refused to wear masks. [Source: Daily Wire]

Oh, this is rich. Three Democrats claim they caught COVID while being forced to shelter with Republicans during the January 6 riot. Is there anything these leftists won’t blame over that event?

Do these numbskulls really think that they caught this disease from Republicans? Are they now just saying all Republicans have COVID—like some form of adult cooties?

They claim they caught the virus because these Republicans weren’t wearing masks. Ahem, were they wearing masks? I thought that should have been enough? Were they at least six feet apart? I thought that was supposed to be enough.

(Video evidence revealed that Jayapal wasn’t wearing a mask for at least 30 minutes during the lockdown.)

You see how all these rules cooked up by the government only work, when they want them to. When they want to blame Republicans for something, those rules suddenly are no longer effective.

And let’s not forget how Pelosi demanded the entire House return to Washington to vote for her as speaker—even though several Democrats had been tested positive for COVID. Congressmen did not socially distance and many, including Democrats, got up close and personal during the proceedings.

Considering that the Republicans these three Democrats are attacking have not tested positive for the disease, I sincerely doubt that’s where they got it from.

But heaven forbid Democrats inventing a meaningless rule to look like they are doing something. If these Democrats really think Republicans are to blame for their illness—why not sue them? That will really hold them accountable for their infection, after all.

But that would require proof, something the left just doesn’t have.