FBI Makes Huge Inauguration Day Announcement

Image Source: ARLnow

According to sources, the FBI is predicting Inauguration Day chaos resulting from “armed groups” holding protests and possibly “storming” state capitols around the country. Here is a look at what’s being said:

ABC: “This week and up till Inauguration Day, armed demonstrations are being conducted at all 50 state capitols and at the federal Capitol, this coming from an FBI internal bulletin.”

CNN: “The FBI possesses information showing “armed protests” being conducted in every state and the Federal Capitol in DC in the days going into the inauguration of President-elect Biden on January 20, according to the FBI’s internal bulletin system.”

USA Today: “As armed loyalists of President Trump plan to move on state capitals and D.C., this week and Inauguration Day, some experts are urging officials to enforce laws banning organized groups that behave as unauthorized militias.”

BBC: “There is information coming out of armed groups preparing to descend on all 50 capitols and DC in the days leading into the inauguration.”

I’m not sure what to think of this so-called internal report. The FBI has been on the anti-white kick of calling every white person a “white supremacist” for a long time. Almost all these arrests have one thing in common, the group in question is filled with FBI informants who coerce members into criminal acts.

These types of posters that are showing up seem more like a troll for what a “white supremacist militia” appears like in their minds than anything resembling conservative reality.

Image Source: RedState

If someone tries to get you to join one of these protests, don’t go with them. You may even think about cutting that person out of your life as a possible undercover agent. 

Nothing good will come of any large scale protest on inauguration day…This is the bottom line. Showing up armed does nothing. In fact, it gives very vivid imagery to the left. We are going into a time where free speech, gun ownership, and freedom of assembly will become threatened by the anti-whites in power. Don’t make it easy for them. Don’t give them what they want.