GOP Rep Exposes Biden’s Terrifying Tax Plan

Image Source: Twitter

Republican Rep. Jason Smith (MO), the ranking member of the House Budget Committee, has penned a letter to Biden’s transition chair Ted Kaufman, highlighting the fact that Biden’s first budget will reveal Biden’s agenda to raise taxes on working-class Americans.

In his words to Kaufman, Smith said the statutory deadline for the coming administration to submit 2022’s fiscal budget is February 1.

Recent news has suggested the Trump Administration has “not directed resources to aid the incoming Biden administration’s financial plans.” But the Office of Management and Budget Director Russ Vought has slammed these accusations.

“Our government has one Administration and one President at a time,” Vought said in a response to Kaufman.

Smith highlighted to Kaufman that the OMB has “fully followed with the laws in advising” the Biden Team, including:

  • Giving all important, factual information on ongoing issues as requested by Biden, and having over 45 meetings with Biden’s staff.
  • Fully dividing out the needed $9.9 million for transition activities by the General Services Administration directly after the GSA gave ascertainment.
  • Briefing Biden’s team on funding sources for coronavirus relief efforts.

Smith said Biden’s planned agenda will be the “first chance for people to see how Biden intends on paying for his promises. He wants to greatly raise taxes on working-class Americans to fund everything.”

As the top GOP member on the Budget Committee, Smith slammed Democrats’ deletion of a restraint on government expenditure, called the pay-as-you-go provision. This would let Dems spend more on climate change programs like the Green New Deal.

“On just day two of the new Congress, House Dems are trying to rob Americans of oversight so that Biden can force through an insanely expensive liberal wish-list,” Smith stated.

“This exemption was created as a way to force socialist policies aimed at hurting American working class families,” he added.