Trump Enrages China With Last-Minute Move

Image Source: AP

President Trump’s administration has put new sanctions on Chinese leaders over Beijing’s increasing aggressiveness in the South China Sea.

In its closing days, Trump’s administration has enacted travel bans on numerous Chinese leaders and their families for breaking international standards on the freedom of movement in those areas.

The White House also added China’s official oil company, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, to the list of organizations which American citizens are banned from working with.

Secretary of State Pompeo announced the new rules with days left until President-elect Biden is inaugurated. This is one of a string of last-minute Trump administration moves against the Chinese Communist Party.

“America stands with claimant nations looking to defend their sovereign interests and rights consistent with international laws,” Pompeo said.

“We will keep acting until we see Beijing stop its coercive actions in the area.”

The Trump administration has continued to pressure China over human rights problems in Hong Kong, Tibet and the region of Xinjiang, in addition to Taiwan, trade and the Chinese role in the coronavirus pandemic.

This week the administration blocked the import of various agricultural products from Xinjiang, where over 1 million Uighurs are kept in brutal camps.

Previously, in July, the administration also announced it would reject almost all of China’s maritime claims in the area of the South China Sea, which are hotly disputed by many nations in the region.