Biden’s Plan To ‘Fix’ Vaccine Rollout Could Destroy America

Incoming Biden staffer Ron Klain said to CNN that President-elect Biden plans to “fix” the “terrible mess” they’ve supposedly inherited from Trump’s administration on the covid vaccine rollout.

Jake Tapper asked Klain about the vaccine’s slow rollout and then claimed the vaccine reserve stockpile is non-existent.

“You’re coming into a big mess here, right?” Tapper asked of Klain. “I mean, the vaccine rollout has been terrible.”


“We’re coming into a huge mess Jake, but we know how to fix it,” Klain said. “Joe Biden revealed that plan on Friday, five steps to move forward with the vaccination.”

Klain gave the vaccine creators “credit” for making the vaccine in huge numbers, but claimed new ways to “hasten the delivery.”

“We think there are ways to hasten the delivery, and even allow the vaccine supply to go much further,” he said. “For one thing as an example, Biden mentioned using the Defense Production Act to increase creation of particular types of syringes that lead to six doses of the Covid vaccine instead of five. This increases the vaccine amount by 20%.”

Biden recently requested Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the leader of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine program, to resign after criticizing the vaccine rollout.

Klain expressed his thoughts that the incoming Biden team can meet the number of “100 million shots in 100 days.” Right now, only about 12 million doses have been given, and that includes 1,384,963 in nursing homes.