Leftist Insider Hints Of Trump Indictment

Former head strategist for Clinton’s 1992 campaign James Carville claimed Sunday on MSNBC that President Trump was a “career criminal.”

Carville said, “On the suggestion that Biden pardon Trump, I would leave the DNC Party and so would millions of others if there is no accountability. When he enters the White House, he’s got to push his agenda. But other folks, we’ve got to light some lights here. If he pardons Trump, it would be a terrible catastrophe.”

He went on, “What needs to happen, the New York State attorney general, the Fulton County D.A., the Manhattan D.A. and other officials who want accountability should come together. And I hope the new attorney general will deal with Title 18 of the U.S. Code and ensure there are no violations done by Trump while he was president. Hell no, no pardon ever for Trump.”

He continued, “Trump is a career criminal, and he commits crimes — look what’s happening. Read the news, and — and we don’t know that they are compensating trump, but this is the result of his actions, and anybody that wants to pardon him. Nixon was a different situation. He did some bad stuff. I don’t think he was a career criminal. He lied and approved of crimes done for him. But Trump is a different case. I think there would be an eruption in this nation the likes you wouldn’t believe. So no, I don’t think Biden has any plan of pardoning Trump, and even more so, I hope Biden’s attorney general indicts him.”