Pelosi Makes Outrageous Power Play Against POTUS

Is Nancy Pelosi trying more power games (again)? She pushed the House to vote on a hastened, undiscussed impeachment charge against President Trump.

Many claimed she didn’t have the time to get the needed evidence. Others said the Senate won’t even be able to have a hearing until after Trump leaves office, which makes the action null and void.

Regardless of all this, Pelosi pulled a power move and now she’s hitting Trump all over again. And after all her divisive rhetoric, what is she doing?

According to Fox News:

House Speaker Pelosi, D-Calif., after leading the impeachment against Trump… has not sent the impeachment articles to the Senate.

And during Friday’s press conference, Pelosi refused questions on when the article would be sent. Her office also refused to promptly respond to a request from Fox asking when the article would be sent.

Nancy Pelosi has refused to send the impeachment article to the Senate. In addition, she has refused to defend her choice to delay it.

Maybe she believes McConnell would instantly dismiss it. So, she’s dragging her feet until Schumer is majority leader.

But that won’t occur until after Trump is out of office, giving us more questions and speculation. Can the Senate impeach a former president? If they can, what’s the point?

(And what about their plan to “unite” the nation?)

The last time Pelosi impeached Trump, she delayed the articles for weeks. Some claimed she did that for political reasons.

It didn’t hit the Senate until later in January of last year, which was just the time that Congress could have acted on coronavirus.

This go around, nobody knows her reason(s) for waiting. Many say Democrats are trying to prevent Trump from ever running again.

But lawyers say that prosecuting an ex-president is impossible.

Does Pelosi finally see she’s in an unwinnable position? Or is she continuing to play power games with our nation’s future?