Trump Signs One Big Executive Order On His Way Out

A major rule change has just happened when President Trump this Monday enacted an executive order to guarantee accountability in America’s executive process in the future. In particular, he mentioned bureaucrats who get into unelected powerful positions yet decide to do as they please.

The executive order, one of many Trump is signing on his way out, read in part:

“Our democracy works on the idea of the consent of the people.  Routine elections for the Presidency and Congress are there to guarantee that officials who make and execute the laws are kept accountable to the American public,” the executive order said. “The President selects agency leaders who use their authority to implement his chosen agenda. The American public, in choosing the President, thereby have a say in choosing the people who will govern them.”

“Some agencies have decided to change these lines of public accountability by letting long-time careerists approve and authorize regulations. This precedent moves the power to enact rules that govern Americans’ daily lives from the President, acting with his agency leader subordinates, to officials shielded from the public accountability that national elections allow for,” the executive order read. “This goes around the will of the American public to select who rules over them and I am enacting steps to put a stop to it.”

Under the executive order, which is no doubt aimed at establishment figureheads and deep state officials, a “senior appointee” selected by whomever is president at the time, must accept the agency’s goals. The only exception would be for national security.

The leader of every agency will be asked to analyze their process. A report must be given to the current president within the 180 day time after the EO is official. Within the first 90 days of the EO, the leader of every agency must look over “major rules” that have been altered over the past 12 years. The leader should then determine if a senior appointee agreed to the rule. Within the 120 days time period, every agency must discuss their findings with the president.

This rule comes within days of Trump leaving the White House. The question is, will Biden allow this EO to move forward, or put a stop to it? If he allows it, he runs the risk of Trump-supporters within the bureaucracy combating his choices while in office. While going against the EO doesn’t exactly make the Democrats look Democratic, does it? But then again, we all know how the DNC party feels about letting people’s voices matter.