Former Mayor Giuliani Ranks Higher Than Current Mayor

Rudy Giuliani is most famous for his time as mayor of New York City. He was in charge during 9/11, one of the darkest times in our nation’s history. Dubbed “America’s mayor,” Rudy was praised for his strong leadership in the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack ever committed on U.S. soil.

It has been a very long time, twenty years in fact, since he was mayor. Rudy stayed in the public eye, though, throwing his hat in the ring a few times as a presidential candidate. In 2016, he was a strong supporter of Donald Trump. Most recently, he served Trump as legal counsel, leading the president’s battle over the 2020 Election.

That role generated all kinds of attacks and criticism from the left and the media. Many seem to blame Rudy for the fallout over the election, claiming he misled the president and contributed to unrest. You’d think that Rudy’s ending his political career on a down note, thanks to his failure to reverse the outcome of the election.

New Yorkers don’t appear to feel that way. Because despite the fact he hasn’t been mayor in two decades, they still like him better than the idiot that’s in there today.

Rudy Giuliani is more popular with New Yorkers right now than New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), according to a recent Siena College poll.

“The Republican former New York City mayor and current lawyer and adviser to President Trump came in a full 4 percentage points ahead of the embattled de Blasio — who is a Democrat, as is more than half the state,” the New York Post reported Tuesday.

De Blasio received a 28 percent favorability rating compared to Giuliani’s 32 percent. [Source: Breitbart]

I’m sorry, but for a sitting mayor in a largely liberal city to get a lower rating than a man who hasn’t been in power for years is just pathetic.

New York is mostly Democrat, with pockets of conservatives here and there across the state. There are certainly not enough Republicans to move the needle that much (at least for now). So, these numbers reflect how even Democrats feel about de Blasio, a man who managed to alienate the police, workers, businesses, and even schoolchildren.

Residents are stupid. They’ve seen how de Blasio royally screwed up the city during the COVID pandemic. He refused to take any action early on, forcing his entire health department to threaten to quit. He’s largely taken a back seat to the decisions of Gov. Cuomo, something past mayors like Giuliani and Bloomberg would never have done.

Even as the city suffered under lockdowns and riots, de Blasio wasted his time painting “Black Lives Matter” on the street. Was that really a top priority, Bill? People are struggling to pay their bills, so you do that?

We shouldn’t be surprised that a man who was mayor in 2001 would be better liked than the current mayor.

The only question is, will New Yorkers be smart enough to reject this guy’s party, come the next election? Bill might not be running again, but you’d have to be a fool to continue supporting his party.