Trump Declassifies Stack Of Deep State Documents

Just moments before leaving D.C., President Trump released documents on Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s name for their investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign and his administration after his January 2017 inauguration. The release was announced in a note sent to the Director of National Intelligence, CIA director and AG.

“At my orders, on December 30, the DOJ gave the White House a bulk of documents related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Parts of the documents have stayed classified and have remained out of the reach of the Congress and the public. I requested these documents so that we could perform a declassification review on them and then determine which items should be made public,” Trump wrote. “I saw that the documents should be fully declassified. As part of the process of declassification, the FBI reasserted its objection to more declassification of documents relating to Crossfire Hurricane, they also identified the areas that they believed were most critical to keep out of the public eye. I have decided to accept those redactions for continued classification.”

According to the note, some areas of some documents will stay hidden. The materials will be available to Americans at a later time and after the FBI is done with its redactions.

“I hereby declassify the rest of the documents. This is my final conclusion under the declassification review and I have directed the A.G. to enact the proposed redactions in the FBI’s submission and return a copy to the President,” Trump wrote. “My choice to declassify documents is subject to the limits discussed above and does not go to materials that must be shielded from public disclosure according to the orders of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and does not need the disclosure of particular identifiable information or other documents that must be kept from release under current law. Given this, with my orders, the AG has done a correct review to make sure documents given may be released by the White House in compliance with current law.”

Last week, GOP Lindsey Graham also released transcripts from his investigation into the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane.