Trump’s Farewell Infuriates Democrats

President Trump gave his final White House speech to the country this Tuesday, during which he delivered these words that Democrats are sure to hate: “The movement we started is only just beginning.”

In the recorded video, made Monday before Biden’s inauguration this Wednesday, Trump said that “no country can thrive that loses faith in its own history, heroes and values because these are the foundations of our unity.”

“We did what we set out to do and a lot more,” Trump said. “More than anything, we have reinvigorated the idea that in the United States of America, the government is accountable to the people.”

“I took on hard battles, the toughest of fights, the most difficult decisions because that’s why you elected me,” he said before going over the many accomplishments of his administration including the creation of “the greatest economy in world history,” “organizing the world community to deter China,” and bringing troops home.

You can see his whole address below.


Biden’s inauguration will happen at 12:00pm ET this Wednesday. Trump will have already landed in Florida at that point.

Trump will leave the White House this Wednesday and is expected to go to a farewell event at Joint Base Andrews at 8AM ET. After that, he will take Air Force One for his last flight as POTUS.

Trump will also be the first POTUS to not attend the inauguration of his successor in over a century.