Pro-Trump Group Launches Genius Plan To Undermine Biden

As President Trump leaves the White House, no matter if you agreed with his behavior or not, it is a really sad day for the United States.

But that does not mean pro-Trump and pro-MAGA groups have stopped all their efforts. According to Fox, one the largest groups is a super PAC that brought in millions of dollars for President Trump. This group has changed its name and its goal, vowing to combat Biden’s expected incoming far-left legislation.

The Super PAC, called The Committee to Defend the President, is filing to change its name to The Committee to Defeat the President.

On their website, they’ve funnily marked out “defend” from their logo and replaced it with “defeat,” while displaying a message promising to prevent Biden’s socialist agenda.

Thanks to true Trump supporters, the group was able to bring in a whopping $16 million during Trump’s time in office and spend around $14 million defending him during that time.

Now with Donald Trump not in office, the PAC is energized to increase their efforts, saying to Fox News that they intend “to publicly expose Biden for his liberal plans” with a large seven-figure fund.

The group will also change its messaging to focus on research for the 2022 midterms, new advertisements and a big push using social media.

“Biden will work 24/7 to reverse the huge progress of Donald Trump’s presidency. From the onset, we must fight that. It is our duty to strive nonstop to fight them—before the damage becomes too much,” said the PAC’s chairman and former GOP state senator (Co), Ted Harvey.

The Super PAC was started in 2013 when it was called the “Stop Hillary” PAC. It would later on alter its name in support of President Trump after he took office in Jan. 2017.