Rand Paul Crushes Comey With a Few Simple Words

We haven’t heard much from former FBI director James Comey, these days. But he hasn’t stopped trying to force his way into the public conversation. You might remember him as the man who lied to Trump about the FBI’s investigations of him. Or the man who admitted to the world that he illegally leaked memos to a buddy, to give to the press.

Repeatedly, we have seen Comey put his own interests ahead of the United States. Many wondered if he was just a Democrat, looking to help his party, or just an opportunist who wanted to stay in the limelight (he did, after all, throw Obama, Clinton, and Lynch under the bus).

Recently, Comey reappeared to attack the GOP, in the wake of the 2020 Election. A man who used the FBI for his own personal agenda claimed the party needed to be “burned down” after Trump’s administration.

So, Republican Senator Rand Paul had a few choice words for this guy.

“When we start taking advice from Comey, a notorious liar, a guy who ruined the FBI, a guy -who used the enormous power of government to go after his political opponent, Donald Trump, I think when we started taking his advice, we’re taking the wrong advice,” Paul said. “And so I don’t plan on listening to anything from Comey. In fact, I think Comey should be in prison for the things that he did.”…

Last week, Paul advised Republicans against siding with the ongoing push to impeach and convict Trump for allegedly inciting the riot at the Capitol, even after he has left office. House Democrats and a handful of Republicans impeached Trump last week, and the article has been sent to the Senate for trial. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. Rand Paul did not pull any punches after Comey called for the destruction of the Republican Party. He called the disgraced former FBI director a “notorious liar,” a man who used his power to “go after” the president, someone who should be in prison for what he admitted to doing.

And Paul wouldn’t be far off in saying that. Many legal experts have explained in the past just the few things Comey’s copped to would result in jail. Leaking classified government documents, even memos, to someone is itself illegal. Comey did this several times.

Comey lied to the President of the United States when asked about the FBI’s Russian investigation. He even had a mole working the White House, trying to find dirt on the administration. These aren’t things you do and get away with.

How was Comey able to get off scot-free? Chalk that up to the D.C. swamp. Even after he left, there were few people in Washington willing to call Comey on everything he did. And perhaps his old buddies in the DOJ weren’t willing to prosecute.

But perhaps, if more senators stand up with Paul, we’ll see fewer swamp dwellers get away with their schemes.