Biden Spotted Breaking His Own Rules

President Joe Biden has run into criticism for not having his mask on while being in the Lincoln Memorial during the night after signing his executive order mandating that masks be worn on federal property to stop the spread of covid.

“Having a mask on is not a partisan issue – it’s patriotic and it can save many lives. Which is why I finalized an executive order declaring a mask mandate for citizens on federal property. It’s time to wear a mask, people,” Biden said on Twitter.

Conservatives quickly responded to Biden.

“Does President Biden’s new mask EO not apply to Biden himself? Because here he is with no mask at the Lincoln Memorial just moments after signing the mandate,” Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA argued on Twitter.

“Biden enacted a mask mandate forcing people on federal grounds to wear masks. Here Biden is tonight walking at the Lincoln Memorial, which is of course federal grounds, with no mask,” Ryan Saavedra from The Daily Wire said on Twitter.

Biden’s EO, named the “100-day masking challenge,” will force social distancing and masks in all federal locations, including the grounds and buildings. Also included are airlines and other transit systems.

While a president may not force state officials to follow his EO, the order will push states to create their own rules. Which most have already done.

During his inauguration, President Biden warned that our “worst and most deadly” covid pandemic days could be ahead of us.