GOP Files For Impeachment

Just now, GOP Representative Marjorie Greene put forth articles of impeachment opposing President Biden for corruption in Ukraine and concerning his son Hunter getting large amounts of money from foreign entities in exchange for favors in Washington.

“President Biden is not fit to be in office,” she said in a message published online.

“His consistent abuse of office as President Obama’s VP is undeniable and disgusting. He has shown he will go to any lengths to let his son get away with everything he has done. He has filled his family’s bank accounts with money from corrupt foreign organizations,” she added.

President Joe Biden has even been recorded admitting to a quid pro quo with Ukrainian officials threatening to hold back $1M in aid money if they refused to follow his orders. President Joe Biden being in office is a danger to the security of America and he should be impeached right away,” she continues.

Watch her video announcement right here:

Greene’s website went into more details on Joe Biden’s impeachment.

President Biden abused his power when he was Vice President, allowing bribery and other high criminal acts, by letting his son influence the policies of another nation while receiving benefits—including cash,” her website says.

“As VP, Biden was the senior official managing the administration’s anti-corruption agenda in Ukraine. So any illegal activity by Hunter relating to Ukraine would come under VP Biden’s authority and the Obama State Department. In fact, many officials in the State Department of the time routinely had reservations about Hunter’s part on the board of a company known to be corrupt.”

Democrats used impeachment as a political weapon for years to block President Trump’s agenda. Although you may say the attempting of impeachment is frivolous, one can argue that conservatives have every right to block Biden like they did to Trump.