Biden Disappears Four Days Into Office — Guess Where?

Biden’s basement dwelling and his routine disappearances, where Biden was kept from the public eye, were joked about a lot in conservative circles. “How can Joe lead his campaign from a basement? Why is he hiding from the public?” “If he can’t lead a campaign, how can he lead the nation?”

Even when he did get out of his basement, weird things happened. There were instances when Biden would disappear for days. His team claimed it was “debate prep”, but nobody really believed that.

But the election is done. Regardless of what you believe about Biden’s election, he now has the title he wanted, the title we were promised that he was ready for. So it’s very troubling that this Saturday, just four days after taking office, Kelly O’Donnell, NBC’s reporter in the White House, has said that Biden’s team has “called a lid”, and that the President would  be going away for the rest of the day.

This is not a joke anymore. Sure, it never was that funny, but now it is very serious. Biden’s team promised the nation that he was able to deal with the stress of being president, but now Biden is already hiding away just four days into his term.

When President Trump got coronavirus, he kept running the country, even as campaigning Biden called another lid.

Meanwhile, probably the one person who doesn’t see this as a scary sign is VP Kamala Harris.