Brave Senators Openly Oppose Impeachment Trial

A flurry of public opinion polls reveals an obvious fact: most Americans oppose a second impeachment of President Donald Trump. Most seem to believe that, now that he’s left office, it is pointless to go after the man, regardless of what the left says. In fact, many Americans think that attacking the former president would undermine Democrats’ claims of bringing the country together.

After all, nothing says “unity” like the symbolic assassination of a man who got 75,000,000 votes.

Despite these obvious facts, Sen. Chuck Schumer announced they would be moving forward with the House’s single article of impeachment. A trial that was scheduled for this Monday will be pushed back to February, but he vows it will happen.

But the numbers don’t like. Democrats will need 17 votes from Republicans to convict Trump, a very difficult feat to achieve. Perhaps they think they can coerce Republicans into turning on the man that helped many of them get re-elected.

Already, a number of senators are speaking out. Marco Rubio promised to vote down the trial, calling it stupid.

Senator Marco Rubio during an interview on Fox News Sunday expressed his opposition to the Senate holding an impeachment trial against former President Trump, noting that he believes “the trial is stupid.”

“I think it’s counterproductive,” the Florida Republican said. “We already have a flaming fire in this country and it’s like taking a bunch of gasoline and pouring it on top of the fire.” [Source: Just the News]

Rubio vowed to vote down the trial on procedural grounds (since you can’t hold a trial for a president who isn’t even in office).

He’s not the only senator openly defying the left’s agenda. We’ve heard from men like Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham. Now, Ran Paul dismissed the entire impeachment process conducted by the left.

In an op-ed for The Hill called “Boycott Sham Impeachment,” Paul wrote: “The Constitution says two things about impeachment — it is a tool to remove the office holder, and it must be presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court.”

“If Justice Roberts is not presiding over this, then it is not impeachment. This charade will be nothing more than bitter partisanship and political theater,” wrote the junior Kentucky senator. [Source: Daily Wire]

Rand is pointing to the fact that even Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t want a role in this trial. Meaning, this won’t even be a real impeachment trial. The Constitution clearly requires the justice to preside over the hearings. If Roberts isn’t involved, is any of this real?

The senator is right in calling this entire thing a farce. Democrats just got their man into office. Why are they wasting precious time on a bogus impeachment trial? Don’t they want to help Americans after the last “terrible” four years? Instead, they are showing Americans just how vindictive and hateful they really are.

Not that it surprises us one bit.