Democrat Tech Hub In Crisis As Workers Flee

Once upon a time, there was no better place to live and work than San Francisco. That is, of course, if you were involved in the technology industry. Silicon Valley was the center of America’s big tech boom, and anyone that wanted a job in this exploding industry was welcomed in this hub.

But never let it be said that Democrats can’t take something healthy and prosperous, full of potential, and kill it where it stands.

California as a whole has been seeing a mass exodus, thanks to its radical, Democratic super-majority. Across the state, residents fed up with high taxes, the rising cost of living, and restrictive policies have been fleeing to greener pastures.

San Francisco, as you can imagine, is the stinking center of this toxic swamp. But for years, people were forced to stay, because of the jobs. But a shrinking housing market, extremely high taxes, and left-wing policies that would make Obama blush, have finally forced many hands.

Employees of tech companies in San Francisco, California, can’t leave the city fast enough, fleeing for the potential tech hubs of tomorrow such as Austin, Texas, and Miami, Florida. One former San Francisco exec said: “what else can God and the world and government come up with to make the place less livable?”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has been fielding inquiries from top executives in the tech world, such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, according to a report by NBC News…

“There is absolutely no doubt that a big part of the reason why they are moving is that they feel that there is an inhospitable environment for regulation and taxation,” said Suarez.

Miami is not the only city experiencing this type of migration, as tech employees from San Francisco are fleeing to other states offering them better opportunities as well. [Source: Breitbart]

What’s amazing is not just the fact that tech workers (and companies) are fleeing San Francisco, but that it was the mayor of Miami that was trying to figure out why.

Clearly, Suarez is trying to figure out how to make his city more welcoming to incoming tech companies. But why isn’t the mayor of San Francisco trying to do something, anything, to get these people to stay?

This is clear evidence of the blindness of entrenched, hardcore left-wing Democrats. Their policies are eroding their cities, destroying communities, and spreading poverty like a disease. Yet even as they watch the streets fill with homeless and workers flee, they don’t even bother to recognize it—or ask how they can fix it.

It’s that same kind of blindness, born from arrogance, that is leading Democrats to impeach a president already out of office. They can’t see how unpopular this ridiculous move is, or how regular Americans can say it’s unconstitutional.

It’s the same kind of blindness that compelled governors to shut down states for nearly a year, only to realize how bad that was now.

I’m not surprised people are fleeing San Francisco. They got to do what’s best for their families. I’m just surprised the idiot leaders of SF aren’t trying to fix it.