Trump Creates A New ‘Office’ In Florida

Former President Trump has created an “Office of the Former President,” which is to push his goals after his four years in public office.

According to reports Tuesday, the office is in Florida’s Palm Beach County, which is where Trump has been residing at his Mar-a-Lago establishment since leaving Washington on the day that President Joe Biden’s regime took power.

Trump was removed from most communication platforms, including his favorite one, Twitter. He has been very silent since leaving D.C. However, he did briefly speak to the Washington Examiner recently and stated his team were going to “do something, but not yet.”

The Office of the Former President “will manage President Donald Trump’s public statements, correspondence, appearances, and official activities to push the interests of the American people through organizing, advocacy, and activism,” the message said.

The short statement followed up that Trump “will forever be a champion of the people of the United States.” 

It is not clear if President Trump plans on running again in 2024, although some think he may.

After a second impeachment in the House, this time on a charge of incitement of insurrection in connection to the Capitol protest, Trump will be given a Senate hearing next month, giving the possibility of being blocked from ever holding public office again.

Five staffers accompanied Trump to Florida to help with his personal office and plot out his next moves.