Biden’s Scheme For Dictatorship Exposed

Nearly every moment of President Trump’s term, a person — either a Democrat or a member of the Democrat-connected media — labeled him as a dictator.

That was always the result of Trump signing an executive order, which were then (many of them) successfully challenged in court by liberals.

It did not make sense to say a president whose EOs were overruled and who was removed from social media was a dictator.

But since a Democrat is back in charge, suddenly dictatorship has returned as acceptable (because for the left, authoritarianism is always their chosen style of governing).

Biden has pretty much been ruling the country through EO’s since taking office, and some have been tracking his actions closely:

President Biden has given more executive orders in his first 7 days in office than his forty-five predecessors.

In total, Biden has ‘given thirty-three executive orders, memoranda, proclamations, agency directives and actions.’  21 of these are EOs.

President Trump signed just four in his first 7 days in office; President Obama enacted five; President Bush enacted none; and President Clinton signed only one.

The norm for most executives seems to be not over three executive orders in the first seven working days. The American Presidency Project says no other leader has given as many EOs as Joe Biden — not even the energetic Franklin Roosevelt, whose initial 100 days was a new benchmark of activity for the time.

And even more so, Biden will be signing new orders throughout this week. And, as we might expect, not a single objection from other Democrats about his shameless abuse of authority.

But someone did speak out: the campaigning Joe Biden, back in October.

“I have this belief that in our democracy … if you are unable to get the votes … you can not [legislate] through executive order. Unless you are a dictator that is. Democracy needs consensus,” he said to George Stephanopoulos.

And there it is, from the man himself. Strange that we keep getting told that Biden is mentally well, isn’t it?