Texas Judge Fires Back After Biden Ends Deportations

It’s no secret that Joe Biden intends to undo all the progress Trump made on immigration reform. He already halted the construction of the border wall. Some worry he might even try to tear down what has been built.

Agreements with Central American countries have kept migrant caravans away. But those agreements might eventually be nixed under Biden. His team wants to welcome asylum seekers. We might see a massive influx of migrants coming into our country, despite the pandemic.

Immediately after entering office, Joe Biden’s administration halted deportations of illegals. Most deportations are of criminal aliens who committed violent crimes. Apparently, Joe doesn’t like them getting kicked out of the country.

But a Texas judge just ruled against him.

U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, who was nominated by former President Trump on February 4, 2020, then confirmed by the Senate on June 3, 2020, issued a temporary restraining order blocking the move for 14 days on Tuesday…

Judge Tipton stated that Texas had “a substantial likelihood of success” arguing that the deportation freeze violated a federal immigration law and that the Biden administration “arbitrarily and capriciously departed from its previous policy without sufficient explanation” when it issued the memo. [Source: Daily Wire]

The judge blasted Biden, saying his memo could not provide “concrete reasonable justification” for suddenly changing government policy. He slammed the 100-day pause, saying Joe’s DHS just couldn’t explain why it was necessary.

Texas is on the front lines of the immigration battle. That’s why Democrats fight so hard to gain a foothold in the largely conservative state. This pause in deportations is simply an attempt to overwhelm border states, rewarding and protect illegal aliens who have broken the law.

Joe Biden’s ultimate goal is to make it harder for Border Patrol and DHS to defend the border. He has often spoken of his support for open borders and given free health care to non-citizens. His administration appears less concerned with struggling Americans and more about rolling out the red carpet for outsiders.

In the coming years, the battle for our country will shift from the federal government to key states. Conservatives at the state level will have to fight to prevent Joe Biden’s leftist agenda from steamrolling our communities. Make no mistake, this decision by Judge Tipton will be challenged by Biden. They might take it up to as many federal courts as they can get.

The establishment did everything it could to take power back from the people. They won’t let one judge decide this issue.