Cruz Obliterates John Kerry For Blue Collar Insults

Senator Ted Cruz has slammed former Secretary of State turned climate czar, John Kerry, this Wednesday on Fox News over insulting comments about workers whose livelihoods were suddenly destroyed when Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline.

At a press event earlier yesterday, Kerry said industrial workers are victims of a “false narrative” which comes from a Trump-era economic policy.

“They’ve been told that dealing with the climate will come at their detriment,” Kerry claimed. “But it’s not. What they are going through is due to other market forces that are already happening.”

“This is not unifying, and it’s not what we should be doing to fight for working people in this nation,” said Cruz.

Kerry continued on to say that workers losing their jobs should have gone into more green-friendly areas.

“Take coal mining as an example and the results of it like black lung, and judge that versus the fastest-growing job in America which is solar power technician,” Kerry said. “They can both be done by the same folks, but the solar power job is now the better path.”

“This was an arrogant comment for a centimillionaire to make,” Cruz responded. “You know, ‘You little people, I don’t agree with the decisions you’re making, and so your jobs are going to disappear,’ as John Kerry says. It’s not surprising that the DNC elites have decided that American workers, union members, and men and women with calluses from real work, they’ve made the wrong decisions, in John Kerry’s opinion.”

Kerry gained most of his money after marrying the widow of ketchup company titan and senator, John Heinz III, R-Pa., who died suddenly in a plane crash.

“I have asked Biden nominees what they would say to people who lost their jobs because Biden decided they should,” Cruz told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “And every one of them said essentially, ‘Tough luck.'”