Trump’s 2024 Plans Have Democrats Running Scared

A majority of GOP voters have said they believe former President Trump should return for another term in 2024, a recent Politico poll has showed.

The Politico Playbook also revealed the spot Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is in during Trump’s post-presidency. While he and other GOP leaders are continuing as usual, they find themselves in a unique spot, as a large portion of the GOP supports Trump. Some GOP lawmakers distanced themselves from President Trump after the Capitol protests, which led to Democrats and ten Republicans impeaching President Trump for “incitement of insurrection.”

McConnell is now in the center of controversy, not answering questions as to whether he will vote in defense of President Trump or against him, while also showing the opinion that Trump “provoked” the crowd. On the other hand, he was one of 45 Republican senators who had concerns over the constitutionality of the pending Senate impeachment trial:

The Politico Playbook detailed its poll, which it claims “shows what McConnell is up against.”

The poll shows that 56 percent of GOP voters think that Trump should “probably” or “definitely” come back in 2024 — an obvious sign that Republican voters want the former president back as the GOP Establishment try to forget MAGA ever happened. 

According to this source:

The GOP and right-leaning independents are narrowly split between the GOP and the  Patriot Party that Trump hinted at recently. Thirty-three percent stated they want to remain in the Republican Party, and thirty percent stated they want the new Patriot Party. A small eleven percent showed no interest in either party.

Jason Miller, the 2020 senior adviser to President Trump’s campaign, denied rumors that the former president has active plans to start a new party, saying that President Trump’s “goal is to claim back the House and Senate for the GOP in 2022.”

“There’s nothing being planned outside of that,” he said.

President Trump recently started the “Office of the Former President” in Florida’s Palm Beach County, his state of residency, since leaving the White House.

President Trump has not directly revealed his future plans, although he hinted at a 2024 run during a White House Christmas party in December.

“It’s been an incredible four years. We are going for another four years, so I’ll see you in four years,” he said.