California Forced To Outsource Vaccine Plan

Thanks to the efforts of President Trump, the United States had several viable COVID vaccines in record time. The first doses were made available in December, 2020. They were distributed to the states, so that their leadership could provide them first for the most vulnerable and frontline workers. In the insuring days and weeks, more of the vaccines were produced and sent out.

Out of necessity, state governments have to make sure their citizens are vaccinated. You can’t very well expect the federal government to tackle such a massive task. And, after all, that’s why we have state governments in the first place, to look after citizens at that level.

But, as you can expect, the rollout has not been uniform across all states. Not even a little bit. Some states have done gangbusters, like West Virginia, utilizing the National Guard and local pharmacies to reach every last resident. Other states, well, let’s just say they don’t even know which end of the needle to stick a person with.

California has not been doing a great job at rolling out the vaccines. A state that large, with such a massive local government, should have put a plan into place to get the job done in record time. But CA is run by liberals, so good luck.

Now, the state is forced to employ a private company to do this simple job.

California will soon outsource vaccine distribution to Blue Shield of California in an effort to ramp up what has been among the poorest vaccine rollouts in the United States…

According to the Associated Press, which compiled the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine data, California has been one of the worst states with regards to administering COVID-19 vaccines. As of January 27, about 5.5% of Californians had received the first vaccine dose. [Source: Daily Wire]

Never ask a government to do a private business’s job. Under Blue Shield, the vaccine will be distributed through pharmacies, community health centers, private practices, county hospitals, and pop-up sites. Gee, that sounds like a pretty reasonable plan. Um… why couldn’t Newsom figure that out himself?

Vaccinating a state as large as California would have taken plenty of planning and strategy. Obviously the “genius” health officials who work for Newsom don’t know what they are doing. So, why couldn’t the governor figure out earlier on to enlist the help of, you know, a health provider company?

The people whose job it is to ensure Americans get health care are probably much better at rolling out a vaccine than government flunkies. Why did Newsom wait so long before hiring them?

Did he want more Americans to get sick or die? Or is he just that incompetent?

I’ll let you decide.