Trump’s Lastest Washington Strategy Makes Liberal Heads Explode

Former President Trump introduced his new impeachment legal team after some have reported of five lawyers leaving his team.

In a Sunday announcement, Bruce L. Castor, Jr. and David Schoen were revealed to be the new head lawyers for President Trump’s defense.

According to the release, Schoen has been prepping Trump and his advisers for the upcoming trial.

“Both Castor and Schoen say this impeachment trial is unconstitutional – something that 45 Senators agreed with last week,” the message read.

“It is an honor to represent President Trump,” Castor said. “Our Constitution is going to be tested as never before. It is very strong and lasting, and it will win over partisanship again, as it always has.”

Schoen brings over three decades of legal experience according to his website. He has primarily been a part of litigation of civil and criminal cases before appellate and trial courts.

Castor is the former D.A. for Montgomery County, which includes the suburbs of Philadelphia. He also was acting A.G. of Pennsylvania for a time.

Trump’s former legal team allegedly quit due to a disagreement over strategy, with President Trump wanting to focus on election fraud. The lawyers wanted to focus on the legality of impeaching a former president.

President Trump was impeached by the DNC-controlled House is early January on the charge of “incitement of insurrection” over the protest at the Capitol. He was first impeached in ’19 by the House on two Ukraine-related charges and was then acquitted by the Senate. President Trump is the first president to come up against two impeachments.