Leaked Video Shows How Facebook Really Feels About ‘Violence’

Leaked video released by Veritas shows the leader of Facebook and far-leftist, Mark Zuckerberg, stating that liberal rioters who burned down parts of cities last year were somehow treated more strictly than Capitol Hill “rioters.”

“I know this is just a difficult time for a lot of us, our black employees especially,” Zuckerberg tells his staff.

“It was disturbing to witness how the mob was treated compared to what happened during protests earlier this year.” The antifa riots led to a death toll of anywhere between a dozen all the way up to thirty people, according to different estimates.

Liberal extremists like anarchists and BLM supporters established what they called the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)” a nation onto itself.

Unlike Washington’s hours-long capitol protest, which the feds responded to with 20,000 national guardsmen, officials let the lawless CHAZ exist for almost a month.

Because of that, a teenager died — murdered by the homegrown “security” within CHAZ.

For nearly half a year, Antifa and BLM activists terrorized citizens, confronting them in public, in restaurants, and in their own front-yards.

Now Zuckerberg’s statements in this new Veritas video shows that he thinks the Capital Hill break in, which was an isolated occurrence, was treated with leniency as compared to the long-lasting violence done by Antifa and BLM, which includes assaults on elected lawmakers, an occupation of Seattle’s capitol district, and numerous murders.

The Facebook leader’s words reveal why a 20,000 member group for the Rose City Antifa — the most extreme and violent Antifa in the nation — remains on its website, despite their zero-tolerance for such extremists.