New Laws Target Gun Owners With Outrageous Requirements

The anti-gun mob is not giving up.

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee started the year off by putting forward H.R. 127, a shocking gun bill that would force gun owners to take psyche evaluations after the fact, and requires a license for hunting rifles.

The pro-gun organization, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, stated on January 29, 2021 that this bill is a special “insanity on steroids”.

“We have witnessed some amazingly bad legislation, but this one takes it to an entirely new place. One glance at this and you question if Representative Sheila Lee has ever even heard of the Second Amendment,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

Under H.R. 127, gun owners must give the ATF the serial number of every firearm in their possession. This includes guns that have been owned for multiple years. Even further, Ammoland said that “gun owners would be forced to report the name of any person to whom the gun will be or has been loaned to.”

And for the licensing requirement, the applicant must go through a background check. After that is done, they have to undergo a psyche evaluation to prove they are psychologically “fit” to possess a gun. It does not stop there, however. Ammoland also found that “Successful licensees must also have an insurance policy that will cost them $800.”

The President of the American Firearms Association, Christopher Dorr, described H.R. 127 like this:

“This bill was created for one purpose only: to disarm the entire nation, reducing us to powerless serfs who cannot protect ourselves from criminals or tyrants!”

Lee’s gun grabbing bill is the next step in the process of gun control that the government has slowly forced upon the American people over the last 90 years. Gun rights protectors must quickly mobilize against these anti-gun moves.

With Democrats in power, anti-gunners are going to attempt all kinds of things to undermine our right to be armed. With fast pushback against the moderate Democrats in pro-gun states, this agenda can be derailed.

Not everything is certain in politics.