Newsom Panics As Recall Movement Grows

It’s no secret that, of the many states that struggled to handle the COVID outbreak, blue states did the worst. Yes, some Republican-controlled states held onto lockdown rules far longer than they should. But that pales in comparison to how states like New York, Illinois, and Washington treated their people. Perhaps the worst of all was California.

California led the way in strict lockdown measures. In Los Angeles, they threatened to cut off water and power to businesses that refused to close. Schools continue to see lockdown restrictions and other measures. Churches had to go to court just to enjoy their First Amendment right. And frequently, we saw leaders pass rules for the people that they refused to follow themselves.

All this goes back to the left’s ringleader, California’s own governor, Gavin Newsom. The man was visibly overwhelmed at the start of the pandemic, showering praise onto Donald Trump for his support. Newsom continued to show he was unprepared for the spread of COVID, demanding radical measures that crippled his state.

It got so bad, a recall movement that would have seemed impossible just months prior, is now gaining major steam. And just as they near enough signatures to trigger a vote, Newsom’s approval hits the fan.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing the very real possibility of a recall vote this year, as more than 80% of the necessary signatures to trigger a recall have been collected amid a plummeting approval rating for the once popular governor with presidential aspirations…

“A new Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies survey of over 10,000 registered voters in California found that 46 percent approved of Newsom’s job performance – a sharp decline from the 64 percent approval rating he held last September.”

The number who feel that Newsom has done an excellent job dealing with the pandemic has fallen from 49% last September, to just 31% last week. [Source: Just the News]

Those are shockingly bad numbers, especially coming from such a deeply-blue state like CA. Why did his approval drop so sharply since September? After all, we’ve been suffering from this pandemic since Spring of last year. It seems California residents were optimistic back in the Fall that things would be getting better through the end of 2020 and into the new year.

But the Fall triggered a new wave of extreme lockdown measures among blue states, just as the election approached. Even during the holiday season, Democrats forbade family gatherings and other celebrations. Upticks in positive COVID tests (with a mysteriously low flu and cold season) gave Democrats greater excuse to kill their economies, just as things were getting better.

Parents can’t take their kids to school. Businesses have shut down for good. Millions are out of work. What did Newsom think was going to happen? Only recent has the governor talked about reopening the state. But it’s clearly too little, too late.

If only Newsom could go back in time and stop his terrible orders from crippling California. That might have saved his bacon.

Although we can’t predict what will happen, Newsom is certainly in a bad position. What would it take for his approval to climb and his fortunes improve? That’s hard to say. It’s unlikely he can turn around the COVID situation in his state. Unless he can perform a miracle with vaccinations and get the state working again, he’s looking at a hard recall election.