Rand Paul Calls Out CDC For Major Vaccine Lie

Senator Rand Paul has targeted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, claiming the agency was “caught in a lie” for their statement that those who already had COVID-19 would still benefit from vaccination.

The Senator shared a Full Measure article which revealed countless claims by CDC leaders that evidence backed the idea of vaccinating even those who already had coronavirus.

Full Measure said the CDC’s claim of a study proving the Pfizer vaccine had “consistent high efficacy” for post-Covid patients was disputed by Representative Thomas Massie, who was so shocked that he recorded calls with CDC leaders in an attempt to correct the information.

“People who have had covid, given the limited doses available, we are suggesting those people wait,” the CDC’s Amanda Cohn said to Massie during this call.

Later, Cohn met with other CDC doctors in an online group and said that people who have already had COVID-19 would still benefit from the vaccine.

“Data from clinical trials show that people with previous infection can still possibly benefit from vaccination,” another CDC doctor named Sara Oliver said.

Rep. Massie called the CDC another time after the misinformation was still on their website, resulting in officials agreeing that their language should be changed. Officials also promised Massie there was no intention to confuse people.

“Due to the extreme health risks linked to coronavirus and the possibility of reinfection, the CDC recommends the vaccine regardless of previous infections. Experts do not know how long it takes to get sick again after recovering from coronavirus,” the CDC said to the Washington Examiner.

“But, due to the risk of reinfection being low in the immediate time after initial infection, and since vaccine supply is limited, those people may choose to temporarily postpone vaccination.”

Even after the change in wording, Representative Massie says the statement still incorrectly implies people who have been infected with covid can benefit from the vaccine.

“And instead of changing it, they just re-phrased it,” Massie said. “So I do consider it a lie at this point. I think the CDC is lying about the vaccine based on current trials for those who have already been infected.”