John Kerry Blasted For Climate Hypocrisy

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, and now President Joe Biden’s new Climate Czar, is being criticized for showing even worse climate hypocrisy. While demanding Americans engage in climate-friendly activities to lower their carbon footprint, Kerry used a private jet to receive an award for his climate work. 

Private jets are some of the largest producers of carbon emissions. To a total of at least 40 percent more than 747s and other commercial airliners. Kerry’s reasoning for using a private jet? He says it was “the only choice for somebody like me who is going around the globe to win this battle.”

Over the last few years, Kerry has told Americans that the “climate crisis” must be fought with lifestyle changes, but he continues to go against his own demands. While not following his own rules, Kerry is also lecturing Americans who depend on the oil and gas industry for jobs that they can change to a “better” position in solar power.