Press Secretary Annihilated While Trying To Defend Biden — Again

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has only been at the job a few weeks and already she’s flailing. She might even want to consider looking at other opportunities. Perhaps she thought dealing with the liberal-leaning media would be a cakewalk. But it seems from day one, she has had a hard time working with this particular den of vipers.

We’ve recounted several times she’s fumbled answering basic questions. Often, Psaki dismisses or ignores questions she can’t answer. Her office was exposed for trying to get questions in advance, so she wouldn’t be caught off guard. She was slammed for her insulting comments about the Space Force, a branch of the military.

This time, she is learning that being Joe Biden’s Spox doesn’t protect you from the constant needling and scolding of the MSM. She learned that the hard way trying to defend Biden’s comments about law enforcement.

Members of the White House press corps repeatedly asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday to define exactly what President Joe Biden meant when he said “the vast majority” of law enforcement are “decent, honorable people.”

Fox News reporter Kristen Fisher first brought up the topic, asking Psaki what Biden meant specifically by “vast majority.”

…NBC News reporter Kristen Welker later brought up the comments again, asking why Biden felt it necessary to emphasize that most law enforcement are good people.

Welker’s questions prompted a more thorough response from Psaki…

Welker replied by making sure that by “vast majority,” Biden did not mean all law enforcement. [Source: Daily Wire]

Can you believe the media was actually upset to hear a president say most law enforcement officers are good people?

They have become so entrenched in their anti-cop rhetoric, that they actually appear shocked to hear Biden say good things… about the people who keep us safe from criminals!

Psaki had to repeatedly explain Biden’s comments—almost as if she was forced to apologize for the fact that Biden was showing support to police.

Biden actually said the comments after two FBI agents were killed. He said it as a way to console their families and show a little bit of support to our law enforcement. That’s not good enough, apparently, for the left-wing media, that spent most of last year trying to make cops look like monsters.

Not even a Democrat administration is immune to the media trying to twist and distort their statements. There is plenty to be upset about over the Biden administration. His decisions have already put America on a bad trajectory. But saying the “vast majority” of cops are “decent, honorable people” is not one of them.

But that is how toxic and corrupt our media has become. They can’t even let a reasonable statement like that, which comes awfully close to something Donald Trump might say, go unpunished. Psaki is learning that she can’t count on the liberal outlets to back up or defend her boss. She now knows she is on her own, a deep-sea diver surrounded by sharks.

How’s it feel, Jen?