Top Democrat Turns On Biden — Reveals Terrible Secrets

To the shock of everyone, Biden’s team is doing a good job… at triggering his own party to hate him.

So far, they have now guaranteed that the moderate Democrat from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, won’t be joining the White House’s agenda anytime soon.

They flew out Kamala Harris to his state without informing him. They forced a relief bill that he didn’t agree with. But now, he is hitting back, condemning one of Biden’s worst—and most divisive issues.

He is slamming President Biden for destroying the Keystone XL Pipeline, saying that the pipeline was the safer way to move oil and that he would rather bring in oil from our allies rather than our enemies…

“The bottom line is this, we have to have our own energy while not depending on foreign sources. But I would rather any foreign sources come from our allies like Canada instead of somewhere like Venezuela.”

Manchin then gave some common sense on the issue. He explained he has seen trains with crude oil “blow up” while traveling through West Virginia.

He then made the point that the pipeline is safer and a more effective way to carry oil into the US.

He then condemned President Biden’s partisan and controversial agenda of suspending the Keystone XL pipeline, claiming it will result in America buying oil from our enemies.

Ironically, the pipeline really would have been a cleaner way of transporting oil than trains or ships. But President Biden was bowing to the far-left lobbyists, who want to eliminate fossil fuels completely.

That is not something that will ever happen. At least not in our lifetime. This move will only hurt American citizens at the pump.

Maybe Congress can give a permanent solution. But it will take more lawmakers besides just Manchin.