Biden Breaks Decades-Long Record — But It’s Not What You Think

President Biden admitted on Thursday that he had enacted an EO to greatly increase refugee intake into the US, speaking at the State Department after the confirmation of his chosen Secretary of State leader, Anthony Blinken.

President Trump had formerly imposed restraints on the number of yearly refugee admissions throughout his time in office. And most recently he stopped refugee resettlement even more so after the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden plans on increasing refugee resettlement to a surprising figure of 125,000 in his first year, which is an almost sevenfold growth on the latest cap of 18,000.

Refuge inflow has been slammed as a terrible waste of resources that discourage refugees from making their own home countries better. The price of taking in refugees in the US is far more costly than working with foreign leaders to give them safe haven closer to their own nations, a strategy that has proven to be very effective.

The Center for Immigration Studies has found that the intake of one average refugee will, in the end, cost American taxpayers about $60,000 in their lifetime. It is also likely this number will grow even larger during Biden time in office, as the administration moves to bring in as large a flood of refugees as the American public lets them get away with.

Meanwhile, international travel has been linked to the spread of covid-19, raising anxiety about the safety of the agenda at a time when most countries have shuttered their similar programs.