Antifa To ‘Burn Down’ Washington In Coming Days

BLM and Antifa have marched into D.C. and the “protesters” have clashed with police while the crowd shouted threats to “burn down” the city.

On Saturday night, BLM and Antifa members took aim at D.C., where they chanted things like, “If we don’t get it, burn it down!”

Photojournalist Brendan Gutenschwager published videos of the protest, where Antifa members marched while waving an “Antifascist Action” flag.

The crowd also yelled the popular BLM phrase, “Whose streets? Our streets!”

During what they called the “FTP March” (which is of course an acronym for “F*** The Police”), the threatening mob yelled the anti-police slogan, “A.C.A.B. All cops are bastards!”

The violent protesters stopped near a row of restaurants, where leaders gave lectures about “Black and Indigenous lives” to people trying to eat.

Things escalated fast after a black protester shined a light into the face of an officer, who then promptly slapped the flashlight away. The person then hit the officer. The officer responded by forcing the mob backwards. The black protester then slapped another cop. The officer then pushes his bike forcefully into the crowd. During this situation, a female in the crowd tells the officer to put his face mask on.

The BLM march concluded with a speech honoring Eric Garner.

“We gather here because black lives matter. But even though black lives matter, black people are still getting shot at the hands of police paid for by our tax dollars.”

The group recited the story of Eric Garner, a New York man who died while in police custody in 2014. During the story, the crowd called police officers the derogatory name of “pigs” on multiple occasions.

There were then other chants like “I can’t breathe!”

D.C. has been heavily protected since the Capitol protests. With more than 26,000 troops stationed in D.C. before President Biden’s inauguration.

The Capitol building has been shielded with fencing and barricades, and many people are asking for the structures to be removed.